Avocado & Cheese Burger with Potato Wedges.

Saturday 27th August 2011

Zephy has been to Burger King about half a dozen times. Not because we disapprove of their capitalist dream nor for their methods of rearing cattle. It’s simply because we just don’t eat there. I don’t say that in a Pius or proud way, it’s just something my wife & I aren’t used to & so it’s not something that we’ve passed on. Also, when we have taken him, he hasn’t eaten what we’ve bought him.

As we have been travelling around this summer, we’ve had to stop at a few motorway service stations at food times. On one of our first stops Zephy saw the BK sign & was lured in.

“Can I have a burger please.” He asks starry eyed.

“But you don’t eat it Zeph.” I told him.

“I will, I will, I promise.”

I caved in a bought him a kids meal & he ate it.

One week later we find ourselves in a different service station but with the same question being asked. This time, however, he’s asking for a whopper.

My son, Zephy, is a bit all or nothing so I could see where this was going.

Another week passes & my wife has taken Zeph out for lunch with a group of friends to an English cafe.

“I want a whopper!” He demanded.

“You can’t have a whopper here. They don’t do them.” Placates my wife.

“I want a whopper!” He repeats.

“But Zeph …”

“I want a whopper!”

Needless to say he didn’t get his whopper but that didn’t stop him from asking EVERY time we have eaten out.

Damn those BK whoppers. 😉


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One Response to Avocado & Cheese Burger with Potato Wedges.

  1. Stef says:

    Oh, your burger SO puts the Whopper to shame! I’d eat your awesome, homemade food over yucky, processed BK any time. 🙂

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