Grilled Mackerel Filet, Spinach & Crushed Potatoes.

Wednesday 31st August 2011

“What would you like for dinner tonight?” I asked as we were travelling on the metro.

“Eh…all healthy things.” Came the reply.

The football season has started and so before he returns to training, he & his friends, Theo & Zacky, have decided that they are going to eat healthily. Little does he know that that’s what he always eats but I’m happy to indulge him.

“What would that be then?” I asked, pleased to let someone else plan our evening meal.

“Spinach…” He smiled proudly.

“Ok, that’s a good start, what else…potatoes?” I added.

“NO! Not potatoes!” He exclaimed.

“Why not?”

“Potatoes are bad for you. They make you fat.”

“No they don’t. Potatoes are good for you. They’re a carbohydrate. They give you energy.” I told him.

“Yeah, well chips are bad for you.”

“Only if you eat them everyday. Anyway, you don’t need to worry about that, you don’t eat chips everyday, do you?”

“No…” He replied thoughtfully.

“Ok, how about crushed potatoes?”


“And what else?”

He paused for thought.

“Fish…” He said triumphantly.

“Done. So that’s fish, spinach &…”

“…Crushed potatoes.” He announced finishing my sentence.

On one hand, I was happy that he was learning what foods are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. After all, the more information we have, the better decisions we can make. (In theory 😉 ) But the realisation that at such a tender age, image marketing had begun to penetrate his subconscious mind & make him aware of body shapes & how other people perceive them, left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth.


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3 Responses to Grilled Mackerel Filet, Spinach & Crushed Potatoes.

  1. Stef says:

    It’s a tough line to walk. On one hand, we don’t want kids to become unhealthy, overweight, etc…. and on the other hand, we want them to enjoy a care-free childhood. Alas, life is tough some times. :{

  2. I like the color on the lemons.

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    Freashly grilled mackerel, yummy! It was lovely and moist not at all dry.

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