Lamb Chops with Moroccan Rice & Carrots.

Sunday 4th August 2011

Lamb reminds me of my nan. Every time I cook it I think of her. Whatever I’m cooking, be it chops, a joint or mince the smell takes me right back to being 8 years old & lounging over my Dad, while he reads the Sunday papers, in my Nan’s kitchen. Mum & Nan would be busying themselves around us. There was an air of joviality rather than the tense atmosphere of later years.

Good times. 🙂

Nan’s had a racing car green roasting tin with white trim. It was oval & it had a pot-belly lid. It really did look like something pre world war II. It would be taken out of the oven & placed in the middle of the kitchen table where Nan would ceremonially unveil our Sunday lunch.

As she lifted the lid the sweet smell of lamb would fill the kitchen.

“That smells good Nan.” I would say stretching out my arm trying to pick off a stray piece of lamb.

“Getcha hands off, ya bleeder!” She’d say.

She had a way with words did Nan. 😉


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3 Responses to Lamb Chops with Moroccan Rice & Carrots.

  1. Stef says:

    Sweet memories. And just think, you are forming some with Z…

  2. roger edwards says:

    the carrots make the dish ha ha ha

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