Burger, Bubble n’ Squeak & Grilled Courgette.

Tuesday 6th August 2011

Having said we don’t get a chance to eat much mashed potato in the summer months, I think we’ve probably had it at least twice a week in its various different guises. Here’s another variation on a theme; bubble n’ squeak.

Whenever we see brussel sprouts, we buy them. Whatever the weather. You really feel like your doing your body a real favour eating them. I think every parent in the western world has at one time or another told there child that “they’re good for you”. I remember it very clearly as a child & so have passed that nugget of information onto my son. Or so I thought.

“What do you think of brussels Zeph?” I asked in the hope of getting one of his bombshell quotes that liven up this sometimes dull blog. 😉

“Yeah…good…” He started. “…No, they’re not good for you, they’re full of sugar.” He concluded.

That’ll do. 😉


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7 Responses to Burger, Bubble n’ Squeak & Grilled Courgette.

  1. rutheh says:

    Your blog is not dull at all!

  2. mistral zagni says:

    I agree. It’s lovely to read the stories and have a chuckle. I can always visualise everything you explain so clearly. P.S. Yet another good idea to vary our meals…I loved tha bubble and squeak and courgettes.

  3. Stef says:

    The presentation on this one really was beautiful.

  4. roger edwards says:

    bubble n squeak mmmmmmmmmmm lovely

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