Lentil Stew with Chorizo.

Friday 9th August 2011

“Hello babe, I’m still here…He can’t do it til 7…Can you start dinner?…well, I’ll tell you what to make…Go to the shop downstairs and get 2 jars of lentils…yeah 2 jars, that way you’ll be able to take some to work tomorrow…Cut up 2 onions and there’s half a red pepper in the fridge as well…I think there might be some carrots too, if there are chuck those in…Cut them in quarters down the middle, then you can dice them…D’ya know what I mean?…yeah it’s in the fridge on the bottom shelf…the chorizo’s in there too…Yeah use the whole thing…No we don’t need potatoes, there’s some there already…I should be up next but I thought as you were there you could get it started so I don’t have to run back & bust a gut to get it ready in time…ok…I might pop into Veritas on my way back if I get out in time but I’ll be as quick as I can…alright I’ll see you in a bit…ok, see ya” I said.

By the time I did get back, she had just put the olive oil in the pan. After a little grumble I pulled myself together & realised that we don’t get a chance to cook together often, as we both work alternate late nights & when we are here together one of us tends to be child caring, so I should make the most of it.

So this was a collaboration between my wife & I. 🙂


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4 Responses to Lentil Stew with Chorizo.

  1. Mistral Zagni says:

    My favourite meal, Always tasty. It was good to cook together & have a chat at the same time rather than be alone. Much more fun!

  2. Stef says:

    It’s nice to share some time in the kitchen together. A nice stew made lovely by the story behind its’ creation. 🙂

  3. roger edwards says:

    ive’ got a craving for lentils. they do make a tasty stew. looks good

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