Pan Fried Mackerel Filet on Parsley Rice with Sauteed Vegetables & Bacon.

Thursday 15th September 2011

“Are you looking forward to the blog coming to an end?” I asked Zephy as we sat on the balcony having dinner together.

This question has been prompted by a friend, & fellow blogger, completing a whole year of daily blogging. I know I’m preempting the conversation by a couple if months but it’s got me thinking.

“Yeah,” He replied. “because I don’t know what to say anymore.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” I told him. “You say things & do things without knowing you’re doing them.

He looked at me a bit perplexed.

“What d’you mean?” He asked.

“Well, I wrote about you waving that mushroom in my face the other night,” I said. “And the cheese,”

He liked that, because he grinned broadly & said; “Shut up!” before pushing me away.

If shy was at one end of the scale Zephy would be off the other end in the distance but he can be a little self-conscious. He does the same thing when I tell him about things he did as a baby.

“And I spoke about you & I having lunch out on the balcony last week, and how nice it was.”

Another shove & another cheeky smile.

“It doesn’t always have to be your verdict on a meal. We haven’t done that for a while, have we?” I comforted.

“Daddy?” He said stopping me mid-shpeel.


“Has this got nuts on it?”

“No, why? Do you think it needs some?” I replied astonished that my beautiful 8 year old boy was able to taste & make suggestions on how it could be tweaked or better still improved.

“Yeah maybe. What are the nuts you’re allergic to?” He enquired.

“Peanuts,” I said smiling. I had a feeling I knew where this was going. “Why, do you think it should be sprinkled with peanuts?”

“Yeah :)” He said.



About whatdidyouhavefordinnerlastnight

I started this blog to record the meals I make for my son. One of the many great memories I have of my childhood is the food I ate. The smell of boiling cauliflower on a Sunday morning that steamed up the windows, Lamb sandwiches for tea in front of the tele, cubes of raw jelly at nan’s house and of course mum’s homemade pizza (made with a short crust base) I hope my food creates good memories for my son but if nothing else this blog might jog his memory when he’s older! Enjoy.
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5 Responses to Pan Fried Mackerel Filet on Parsley Rice with Sauteed Vegetables & Bacon.

  1. That’s a funny boy you have there.
    Don’t stop blogging! 😉

  2. Stef says:

    I agree – don’t stop blogging! 🙂

    My journey hasn’t come to an end; it has just loosened in rigidity a bit – offering me more balance. Or at least the opportunity for more balance – we’ll see if I claim it or not. 😉

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    Wonderful mackerel and great veg.

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