Forbidden Rice Pudding.

Tuesday 20th September 2011

Over the course of writing this blog, & administering the Facebook group I started to accompany the blog, friends & family have sent me some fantastic recipes. Some of them have been within my comfort zone, others have not. I got sent this a while back & it’s been sitting in my inbox waiting to be made.

Rice pudding is such an old fashioned dessert. My wife & I have very vivid memories of eating it as kids. Straight from the oven, creamy & comforting. This recipe did not not disappoint. The sweet mango contrasted beautifully with the nutty, salty tasting rice.

Zephy & I sat on the edge of his bed & sampled the new twist on a very old favourite. As we savoured the taste, we locked eyes.

“Wow, that…is…looovely!” I said.

His eyes were nearly popping out of his head as he nodded.

“Yeah!” He said diving in for another spoonful.

Thank you Ruth, for thinking of us. 🙂

I doubled the ingredients because it didn’t look like enough when it was dry, but once cooked there would have been enough for 3 servings, just. But nowhere near enough for a second helping. 😉


60g Black glutinous rice.
40g Arborio risotto rice.
200ml water
1½ tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon Maldon Sea salt
100ml Coconut milk.
1 mango (Optional)

Combine the black & arborio rice & rinse in a strainer until the water runs clear. Place in a small saucepan & add the water. Bring to the boil, then turn down & cover. Simmer until the water has been absorbed almost completely & the rice is chewy, about 25 minutes. If the rice is still hard, add a little more water & continue to cook for 5 to 10 minutes more.
Remove the cooked rice from the heat, strain & stir in the sugar and salt. Wait a minute for the sugar to dissolve, then stir in the coconut milk. Put into an oven proof dish & bake for 15 minutes. Serve with slices of mango.


About whatdidyouhavefordinnerlastnight

I started this blog to record the meals I make for my son. One of the many great memories I have of my childhood is the food I ate. The smell of boiling cauliflower on a Sunday morning that steamed up the windows, Lamb sandwiches for tea in front of the tele, cubes of raw jelly at nan’s house and of course mum’s homemade pizza (made with a short crust base) I hope my food creates good memories for my son but if nothing else this blog might jog his memory when he’s older! Enjoy.
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2 Responses to Forbidden Rice Pudding.

  1. roger edwards says:

    looks good. it sounds like it tasted good, by your text.

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    This was so so scrumpcious. I loved the coconut flavour and the nutty texture of the rice. Perfect with fruit. So glad I got a couple of extra servings!

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