Salmon Poached in a bag, Split Barley with Hazelnuts & Catalan Spinach.

Thursday 22nd September 2011

It’s always a challenge trying to keep Zeph at the table for any longer than he feels is necessary. Of late, he has taken to scoffing, what he thinks is, his last mouthful & dashing from the table. Only to be called back to either eat a bit more or wait for us to finish. Invariably he moans about the injustice of having to spend another second away from *jibbing in bed but if we can engage him in a conversation of interest, we stand a pretty good chance of keeping him there for the duration.

Topics of conversation can vary but we have some reoccurring themes that tend to get the party started. Obviously toilet humour is prevalent but I’ll spare you the details of that gem. What he did at school gets us warmed up but needs to be brought up early on in the proceedings because he has little patients for the subject. What he had for lunch gets a similar response but I might be able to amuse him by trying to guess what he had before he does. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

The trick is to get him to listen rather talk. Talking means he’s not eating whereas listening keeps him eating, in theory. But there are times when he sits with his mouth open hanging on our every word. Those times tend to be when we are either telling a story about him as a baby or relating tales of our childhood.

“Have another mouthful & I’ll tell you.” Will generally be used more than once during the course of the meal.

“We used to go out the back door, come around the side & knock on the front door. We would all be dressed up like we were going out for dinner & Dad would open the door say; “Oh do come in.” Then me, Auntie Jane & Auntie Claire would go & sit down & Dad would come & take our order with a towel over his arm like a proper waiter.” I told him.

“Where was Yaya?” He asked.

“She was in the kitchen, cooking the food we ordered. She would cook us a starter, a main meal & then a dessert. When we finished we would go out the front door again & come in the back door & say; “Hello” as if we’d been out for the night.” I said.

“And what did Avi say?” He asked fork poised.

“Have another mouthful & Daddy’ll tell you.” My wife pitched in.

*The act of ‘jibbing’ consist of rolling around on the bed, wrapped in the duvet, pretending you are either in a football match, an F1 racing car or a rocket. This can be done with a passenger or alone.

Duration of activity: Hours!


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5 Responses to Salmon Poached in a bag, Split Barley with Hazelnuts & Catalan Spinach.

  1. Stef says:

    Aw, I love the story of you and your sisters ‘dining out’ for your evening meal. Too cute! Your parents sound like terrific people.

    On a completely different track: How do you make your spinach? It looks amazing!

  2. roger edwards says:

    i could eat it all. even the spinnach!!

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    I was awe struck by the number of wonderful dishes laid out for us. The fish was cooked perfectly, lovely and moist and the spinach was srummy too and split barley a nice change. Well done again!

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