Homemade Pizza.

Saturday 24th September 2011

We take Zephy out to eat often. Not everyday, nor every week but often enough for it to be taken for granted. Not that he is ungrateful about it but more like he sees it as something that isn’t unusual.

My Mum is & was an excellent cook. We ate like kings at home but she & my Dad, understandably, liked to eat out too. So on special occasions Mum, Dad, Jane, Claire & I would get dressed up & go out for dinner.

Back in the early 70’s there weren’t that many options for a family to go out for dinner. There wasn’t the glut of chain restaurants, gastro pubs or family run bistros that dot our high streets & shopping centres today.

Carvery restaurants were all the rage back then. I now know that they were responsible for my Dad’s love of all you can eat buffets. He still says; “Oh you can’t beat a good carvery.” They are his favourite way to dine.

Chinese food was fashionable too so for a birthday or anniversary Dad would drive us all to London, in our brown Rover, to go to a Chinese restaurant.

My favourite was a chain of pizza restaurants that opened in the late 70’s called Pizzaland. I remember they did jacket potatoes. Seems funny now but I’d never seen anything like it before. Not that I’d seen pizza but a huge jacket potato covered with grated cheese & a side salad, just looked amazing. They also served 12 inch pizzas & me & my sisters were allowed to have one each. We never finished them but I’m sure Dad made light work of them after we had been put to bed.

As a kid, it felt so very decadent to 1) Eat out at night & 2) Be in a place were there were no other children. I loved it & to this day, always feel that eating out wherever it is, is special. I hope it always stays that way.

Zephy & I made these together. šŸ™‚

20110924-115056 PM.jpg

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4 Responses to Homemade Pizza.

  1. Ruth says:

    Homemade pizza looks delicious. I enjoyed reading about your dining out with your family when growing up.

  2. Stef says:

    I love that you saw dining out as a real treat. I was the same way growing up. The four of us (my parents, sister, and I) always went out to eat on Friday night – that was our ‘tradition’ – and while the location was nearly always basic, it was something very special to be in a restaurant, being served, being allowed to choose what we wanted instead of ‘having’ to eat whatever mom made. (She was a good cook – it was just lovely to be given the power of choice.)

    Your pizzas look amazing – is that corn on the top one? What else did you put on them?

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    These were really srummy, I loved the base that was light and spongy not at all dry and hard as can be and I loved the aubergine on top. Lets have them again please!

  4. roger edwards says:

    you know me and pizza.but these look good enough to eat..we went to a new toby carvery in basvegas on friday, thee poor service was far outdone by the excellent food. we must try it again when your here

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