Pig’s Cheek, Cabbage & Bacon, Roast Potatoes & Grilled Peaches.

Wednesday 28th September 2011

For as long as I can remember Dad has had a peach tree in the back garden. There is a photo from 1979, before they got the French windows put in, of my brother, JD, standing next to the barrel in which it resided, posing, wearing a Ronald McDonald paper hat & his arm in a sling. He was 4.

The tree at that point was a twig. A brown gnarled up twig sticking out of half a wooden beer keg. It stayed that way for another 15 years. Each year it would flower but bear no fruit.

My Dad is the most patient man in the world & so was content to sit it out. He would happily water it & dream of the day when the branches would sag from his rightful bounty.

At some point during the mid-nineties it gave life to a grape-sized object. After a week of nurturing it Dad realised it wasn’t going to get any bigger & so he plucked it from the tree & ate it. It was sour & unripe but more than anything, he learnt a valuable lesson, that the tree could produce something. No matter how small it was, it was something.

Another 5 barren years passed & Dad decided that a change of pot & position was in order as a last ditched attempt to kick start mother nature’s mothering instinct.

It was a success. It yielded a couple of plum-sized fruit this time. Again they were unripe but another life lesson was learnt. The tree that he had been caring for all these years was, in fact, a nectarine tree.

At least it was the same family.

The grilled peach is another brilliant idea from my mentor Edible Tapestry. 😉

They were delicious. Warm & caramelised. Sweet & sharp. It was a fabulous change to apple sauce. I pan fried them in a little (soya) butter, to soften & colour both sides & then stuck them in the oven for about 10 minutes. I would totally recommend trying them. 🙂

20110928-090828 PM.jpg


About whatdidyouhavefordinnerlastnight

I started this blog to record the meals I make for my son. One of the many great memories I have of my childhood is the food I ate. The smell of boiling cauliflower on a Sunday morning that steamed up the windows, Lamb sandwiches for tea in front of the tele, cubes of raw jelly at nan’s house and of course mum’s homemade pizza (made with a short crust base) I hope my food creates good memories for my son but if nothing else this blog might jog his memory when he’s older! Enjoy.
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5 Responses to Pig’s Cheek, Cabbage & Bacon, Roast Potatoes & Grilled Peaches.

  1. roger edwards says:

    i reckon i’ve got a few more years lft to keep trying for my peach tree. cabbage and bacon looks tasty with the pigs cheek and roasties

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    Ahh what a lovely story.Yes I agree the peaches were wonderful. Another great new repitoire!

  3. “Brilliant”? “Mentor”? Blushing. This boring old homeschool mom doesn’t know what to do with comments like that. 😉
    The peaches look amazing. I wasn’t happy with the way mine looked. I think maybe they were too soft to begin with.

  4. Stef says:

    Your dad sounds like an amazing man.

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