Peas with Bacon, Red Pepper & Onion.

Thursday 29th September 2011

Eat yourrr peeeeas” I said in my best Scottish accent.

Not that my son, Zephyrus, needs any encouragement to eat his peas or any vegetable, come to think of it. I’m quoting a book we use to read when he was younger.

“Do you remember that book?” I asked. “I don’t know why I did the Mum with a Scottish accent & the daughter with an East-London accent.”

Zephy stopped mid-mouthful. We must have read the book about 200 hundred times.

“If you eat yourrr peas you can have forrrty-nine puddings, you neverrr have to brrrush yourrr teeth, tidy yourrr rrroom, I’ll buy you yourrr very own sweet shop,” I continue trying to remember the story word for word.

He smiled as he entertained the reality of it.

“I’ll buy you a baby elephant, a bike shop, a chocolate factory, the sun, the moon, the stars and and and,”

His fork hoovered at his open mouth ladened with peas.

“I read this book to my students every year & they do the same as you.” I tell him.

“What?” He asked snapping out of his trance & devouring the succulent green coloured orbs.

“Sit & stare up at me with their mouths open. But I have to do the whole thing in Spanish as well as English so they know what I’m going on about.” I tell him. “Te compraré una fabrica de chocolate, el sol, la luna, las estrellas y y y…” I continued in my croaky washer-woman Spanish accent. (Think ‘Old hag’ with the screwed up face & you’ve got it.)

I teach English to 4 year olds. And when it comes round to the topic of food I pull this book out. It’s a fun, interactive story that gets the kid’s imagination going but it’s very fast paced & heavy on vocabulary. It works best delivered at break-neck speed building to a climactic ending.

“You really want me to eat my peas, don’t you? I’ll eat my peas if you eat your brussel sprouts. Mum looked down at her plate,”

He is still hanging on my every word.

“But I don’t like brrrussel sprrrouts. Said Daisy’s mum. Exactly, you don’t like brussels & I don’t like peas. But we both like pudding.” I concluded.

Zephy beamed.

“That’s like you,” I said. “Except you like peas too.”

“Yeah.” He said shovelling in another spoonful of peas. 🙂

20110929-092122 PM.jpg

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6 Responses to Peas with Bacon, Red Pepper & Onion.

  1. Stef says:

    I imagine you are one heckuva great storyteller. I bet you have those 4-year-olds eating out of your hand…

  2. rutheh says:

    “I eat my peas with honey.
    I’ve done it all my life.
    It makes the peas taste funny
    but it keeps them on my knife.”

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    Yes you are a great storyteller. Zeph is lucky to have such a great, funny dad. And a very tasty way to eat peas that were never my favourite veg. I loved the corriander in them this time.

  4. roger edwards says:

    yours is the only way i will eat fresh peas, i will eat marrowfat till they come out of my ears!!!

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