Spicy Ginger Seitan with Egg Noodles.

Saturday 1st October 2011

On occasion, I will sit on the end of my son’s bed, when he is going off to sleep, & write my blog. I try not to make a habit of it, otherwise he’ll want me to do it every night. But every now & again I’ll cave in & do what he asks.

Just as I began to get started he lent over my shoulder.

“Ah Dad, I haven’t given my comment yet, have I?” He said.

It was a delay tactic. He hasn’t been interest in giving his verdict for a while now & so I don’t hassle him for it. In fact, only a few weeks ago he wanted to finish doing the blog because he was fed up of always having to give his opinion.

Read into that, what you will. 😉

“Would you like to comment?” I tentatively asked.

“Yeah,” Came the reply. “I liked them but I couldn’t…kinda…get the bits on my chop sticks.”

As he spoke, I began typing in what he was saying.

“Is that all you wanted to say?” I typed.

He read what I wrote.

“No,” He said. “and that the creamy sauce was nice.”

“Anything else?” I wrote.

“Yup, so in general is was really, really, really, really nice & I liked the pepper in it & the other ingredients.”

“Done?” I keyed in.

“Still not done,” He continued. “I’ve never said a comment this big.”

Enough delaying.

“Ok, off to bed now…” I said.

“Ah no. Put bye from Zeph.”

So I did. 🙂

20111001-104848 PM.jpg


About whatdidyouhavefordinnerlastnight

I started this blog to record the meals I make for my son. One of the many great memories I have of my childhood is the food I ate. The smell of boiling cauliflower on a Sunday morning that steamed up the windows, Lamb sandwiches for tea in front of the tele, cubes of raw jelly at nan’s house and of course mum’s homemade pizza (made with a short crust base) I hope my food creates good memories for my son but if nothing else this blog might jog his memory when he’s older! Enjoy.
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3 Responses to Spicy Ginger Seitan with Egg Noodles.

  1. Mistral Zagni says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this too especially the creamy sauce. The ginger gives it great flavour. Well done Zeph for a lengthy comment!

  2. Stef says:

    Wow, that looks fancy! And vegetarian-friendly. 🙂 Love it.

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