Beans on Toast with an Egg on top.

Saturday 8th October 2011

Finally I’ve found something that takes me less than an hour to prepare. From start to finish, I spent no more than 10 minutes making it. 🙂

Once I started secondary school, my sister & I used to walk the mile home for lunch. Before that I stayed at school for lunch. Although the walk was a bind the reward when we arrived was worth it. Mainly because we were allowed to watch part of the classic John Hughes film ‘The Breakfast Club’. But we were also treated to beans on toast. It wasn’t that big a deal really. Most days we had something on toast or if not in but I liked beans.

My best friend Jon used to came back for lunch too, (I only befriend people with the same name as me. 😉 ) but he always brought his own packed lunch. Inside his lunch box was a sandwich, a piece of fruit & a biscuit. Usually during morning break the mandarine & biscuit would be eaten leaving a growing boy with a 2 inch squared sandwich for lunch. Needless to say he was left wanting more.

Enter Mum.

“Would you like something to eat Stainsey?” She would ask him.

“Eh…yes please Pat. If that’s alright.” He’d reply.

To which my sister & I would chorus;

“Never says no, does Stainesy!”

“Shut up!” He’d say embarrass about still being hungry.

Enter Mum for the second time.

“Here you are Jon. Ignore them, silly buggers.” She’d say.

“Thank you Pat.”

Yeah, thank you Mum. 🙂

20111008-110817 PM.jpg

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2 Responses to Beans on Toast with an Egg on top.

  1. Stef says:

    Your mom is a classy lady. 🙂

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