Smoked Salmon Omelette.

Monday 10th October 2011

My son, Zephyrus, isn’t keen on omelettes, or scrambled egg for that matter, but instead of letting him enjoy the benefits of the poached, fried or boiled variety I’m perceiving with the humble two egg omelette.

“What don’t you like about omlettes Zeph?” I asked him earlier in the week.

“Cos’ they’re egg.” He replied.

“But you like boiled eggs.” I said.

“Yeah, but omelettes don’t taste of anything.” He told me.

I kind of know what he means but for some reason I feel like he needs to walk through this life with an appreciation for solidified egg. As if he’d get to the pearly gates & be denied access for not liking them.

I mean, what’s he going to do when he becomes a student? He can’t live on rice & pasta alone!

I tried to jazz ours up a bit with some buttery smoked salmon.

“Ooh…what’s that?” He asked hovering by the chopping board. “Can I have a bit please?”

I chopped him off a strip of salmon & handed it over.

“Mmmm,” Came the reply.

I thought I was on a winner as I put together his omelette but alas no. He got half way through & gave up.

Better to be an omelette half-eaten than an omelette half-uneaten. 😉

20111010-100012 PM.jpg

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5 Responses to Smoked Salmon Omelette.

  1. roger edwards says:

    always better to think positive. i’ll have the half he left

  2. Stef says:

    And some kids enjoy omlettes, but hate boiled/poached/runny eggs. (I was one of those latter kids.)

    Consider making one of my frittatas for him? ( I’d love to know what he thinks! (Or would I?) 😉

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