Buttifarra, Mashed Sweet Potato & Brussel Sprouts with Bacon & Onion.

Monday 24th October 2011

Being a part-time house husband has it’s advantages. I get an enormous sense of pride out of creating a comfortable home for my family & of course, the time to be able to feed my family well. However, being a stay at home Dad means I am in the minority, especially here in Spain.

Over time I’ve become more interested in where my food comes from. And so have worked out where to get decent bread, free-range eggs, organic chicken & other sustainable meat sources.

This has been a long process during which I have made thousands of mistakes. From buying cheap, watery meat to eggs that I thought were free-range, but mostly from thinking that quantity was a bigger necessity than quality. An easy mistake to make in this land of plenty in which I live.

My butcher I’ve been using for only a couple of years now & (almost) everything I buy from them is quality. It is not cheap but as our meat bill has gone down over the years it’s an expense I don’t mind paying for.

There is a very sweet woman who always serves me & answers all my meat related questions. But as it’s unusual for men to be seen doing the shopping, I’m considered quite a novelty. She smiles broadly, bordering on patronisingly, as she listens to my order. Then hands it over to me along with a nugget of wisdom about what part of the animal it came from or how long it’s been hung for. It’s almost worth being treated like a child for the lesson.

So I have my egg man down the road & I have my chicken woman in the market, I even have my bread shop near the gym. All I’m missing to complete my portfolio is a candlestick-makers I’ll keep you posted, literally.

20111024-114946 PM.jpg

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One Response to Buttifarra, Mashed Sweet Potato & Brussel Sprouts with Bacon & Onion.

  1. Stef says:

    My favorite was the baker. (“What? What’s he doing? What’s he making? Cakes, pies, doughnuts…?”) Too cute. 🙂

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