12 Hour Rabbit Bolognese.

Friday 11th November 2011

I’m obsessed with time. Bordering on possessed by time. It all started when my son was born. Babies have a body clock of their own & we parents have another that we try to shoehorn them into. This means that for the first few years of their little lives we become acutely aware of what time they got up, what time they fed last & what time they need to go down for a nap. We were no Gina Ford but we felt that if we could teach him one thing that would be of use to him in his later life, sleeping would be it.

Now Zephy is older the need to have things done at a certain time has lessened but obviously the day is punctuated with appointments & obligations from the time the alarm clock sounds at 7.15am until bedtime at around the 12 o’clock mark.

Before I embarked on this epic dish I joked with my wife, Mistral.

“12 hours! As if it needs 12 hours. I bet it wouldn’t make any difference if it was 11 hours or 10 or even 7.” I said indignantly.

Apart from the fact that I didn’t have the required time nessecery to monitor its progress, my oven doesn’t go as low as is need without going out. The best I could do was half the time on 150°C.

What did Jamie ‘Bloody’ Oliver know anyway?

Luckly I had a class cancel which meant that I was able to be around for most of that time & when I couldn’t I just made sure the smoke detector was working.

After the alotted 6 hours I pulled it out & set it aside to cool. I then armed myself with a pair of rubber gloves & set to work pulling it all apart.

Once I had de-boned the pot I was left with a beautifully crumbly & unctuous meat sauce which was incredibly tasty. The lemon zest really did lift the whole dish at the end, but I think it would have benefited from a further 6 hours of reduction.

Ok I admit it, he was right. But apart from this, what does Jamie ‘ Bloody’ Oliver know anyway?

20111111-094447 PM.jpg

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3 Responses to 12 Hour Rabbit Bolognese.

  1. roger edwards says:

    rabbit with no bones!! count me in. i’ll have a large portion

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    This was full of flavour. Great to try something new and something we both enjoyed watching being made together. Thanks for going to so much effort.

  3. Stef says:

    Twelve hours?! Even six hours?! Holy buckets, you’re a more patient chef than I am!

    Give me minute eggs any day. 😉

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