Strawberry Jelly with Tinned Peaches.

Tuesday 6th December 2011

For some reason my son, Zephyrus, likes jelly. He can take or leave ice-cream, he doesn’t even eat his own birthday cake but he could eat jelly until the cows come home. If, on the rare occasion, he comes food shopping with me, he always asks for it.

“Can we get some of these Dad?”

“Not today,” I reply. “Anyway we’ve got some at home we can make.”

I am, of course, bluffing. I always seem to have a vague memory of seeing a packet in the cupboard but am never quite sure if it’s just a memory or we actually have some. In fact on further investigation this week I found out that both were indeed correct. There was a box of strawberry gelatin on the top shelf but it was empty! I put it on my shopping list.

Zephy was up early on Sunday morning so I took the opportunity to get straight on with the task in hand.

“Chop these into little pieces.” I instructed putting a pile of slippery peaches in front of him.

“Can I have one?” He asked putting a peach half into his mouth.

“Don’t eat them all, ya monkey! We won’t have enough for the jelly.” I said scooping another out of the tin.

He smiled.

He put what was left of the fruit in the bottom of the mould & poured the warm liquid on top. Then we both carefully walked to the fridge.

“When can we eat it Dad?” He asked already wishing the minutes away.

“A couple of hours. Not long.” I told him.

When he was little my Mum made a huge jelly filled with fruits of the forest for a family gathering. When it was presented Zephy’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He stood eye to eye with it once it was placed on the table.

“I wish I could just eat it like this.” He said pretending to take a bite from the gelatinous blob.

Never far from encouraging mischief in children was my Auntie Sheila.

“Go on then darling, let me get my camera.” She said.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He was in like Flynn. There had to be an action replay for photographic purposes, of course.

I avoided reminding him of this story as we sat down to eat dessert. His friend, Zachy, was over & the last thing I needed was a food fight. Boys will be boys. But the next day when he finished it for lunch he must have remembered.

“Dad, Dad…Do you remember that time at Yaya’s house when she brought that jelly & I just ate it like this.” He told me reliving every moment.

Before I could say a word he had his lips around the remaining globule & was slurping like John Belushi in Animal House.

Boys will be boys!

Grandma gave us these moulds last Christmas. It’s a cat.

20111206-042406 PM.jpg

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3 Responses to Strawberry Jelly with Tinned Peaches.

  1. Who doesn’t like jelly?? Yummm, and now I need to make my own!

  2. Stef says:

    There are worse things for a kid to eat than Jello… go ahead and give it to him. 🙂 (And yes, boys will absolutely be boys….)

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