Shepard’s Pie.

Friday 9th December 2011

There comes a time in a carnivore’s life when he can longer stave off the cravings & cries;

Where’s the beef!

And so it came to be, we have been eating vegetarian & vegetarianish meals for the last week or so & I felt like we all needed something other than a bit of bacon in a quiche or some diced chorizo sausage thrown into a pasta dish.

Bring on the red meat!

It’s funny really, because for carnivores we don’t actually eat that much meat. We eat fish twice a week, eggs another & veggie 2 or 3 times so that only leaves a couple of nights to enjoy something meaty.

I’ve been tinkering with this recipe to try & find an alternative to the mushrooms that I usually put in. My feeling is that the mushroom intensifies the flavour of the minced beef but as I can’t eat them for the time being I’ve had to emit them.

My Mum’s recipe calls for minced lamb, leeks & grated carrot. We can’t get minced lamb here in Spain, unless I mince it myself, but the cheap cuts that are generally used for such purposes are so hard to come by that I rarely do it. Instead I went for 100% ground beef with onions, leeks, grated carrot & parsnips. And very nice it was too.

20111209-012716 PM.jpg


About whatdidyouhavefordinnerlastnight

I started this blog to record the meals I make for my son. One of the many great memories I have of my childhood is the food I ate. The smell of boiling cauliflower on a Sunday morning that steamed up the windows, Lamb sandwiches for tea in front of the tele, cubes of raw jelly at nan’s house and of course mum’s homemade pizza (made with a short crust base) I hope my food creates good memories for my son but if nothing else this blog might jog his memory when he’s older! Enjoy.
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5 Responses to Shepard’s Pie.

  1. You had Wendy’s and “Where’s the beef?!” in England? These things just never occur to me.
    This looks so amazing that I am contemplating mashing the 2 or 3 potatoes I have in the fridge and just broiling them with cheese for lunch.

  2. Stef says:

    Perhaps you could try a soy crumble product in place of the ground beef? The different flavor might compensate for some of the mushroom loss? (Just an idea.)

  3. Mistral Zagni says:

    Yes this was a delicious shephards pie. Always enjoy this meal. Real comfort food.

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