Mince Pies.

Tuesday 10th January 2012

The older Zephy gets, the harder it is to engage him in anything creative. To give him credit, he does more than most but it has to be on his terms; every third Tuesday during a leap year & only if there is a light westerly breeze blowing!

As we were going to be away for the whole of Christmas & the New Year, we thought we’d invite some friends over & have a small soirée to celebrate the holiday. And what better to accompany the Rioja wine I had been distilling for such an occasion but some festive mince pies.

I made the fruity mincemeat filling earlier in the day to give it enough time to marinade but wanted to give Zephy the breathing space & trust to do the rest himself. For the next 40 minutes I was going to be his sous chef.

Standing back & allowing chaos to ensue is not easy for me but I recognize the benefits a child can gain from being able to get messy & do things their way. So I faithfully directed him through the various stages of the assembling process trying to ignore the fallen pastry being mashed into the rug.

He weighed, measured, mixed, rolled, cut, filled & egg washed like a pro. They even held his interest long enough for him to carry them from the dinning room table to the kitchen where they would be cooked.

Once cooked, I turned them out onto a rack & left them on the side to cool. As I walked passed the kitchen door 10 minutes later I saw my son, Zeph, leaning over the warm pies.

“Whatcha doing there darling?” I enquired peering over his shoulder.

“I’m touching each one so everybody knows I made them.” He informed me as he caressed each individual pie.

There is nothing wrong with a little self pride, nothing wrong at all.

*Just in case someone from the child protection unit is reading this, the wine was for the adults only. It’s far too precious to waste on such unsophisticated palates. 😉

20120110-051519 PM.jpg

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8 Responses to Mince Pies.

  1. Ahhhh, that is just so sweet and the true heart of a chef… I can just picture him touching each one… lucky guests who had a taste, these turned out so perfect!!

  2. rutheh says:

    Perfect Mince Pies and a wonderful story to start off the new year. Saw your photo on Just a Smidgen accompanying Flat Ruthie. Did she make it to you?
    Hope so. All the best for 2012. Cheers.

  3. Stef says:

    “Allowing chaos” is INCREDIBLY difficult – so kudos to you for giving Zephy the room to do things “his” way. I love that he touched each pie; amazing the good a little mess on a rug can yield. 🙂

  4. Mistral Zagni says:

    extremely yummy mince pies. The filling was so delicious and moist. Much better than the shop stuff!

  5. roger edwards says:

    i bet the filling was tasty

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