Poached Egg with Bubble n’ Squeak & Savoury Peas.

Tuesday 17th January 2012

Bubble n’ Squeak was traditionally made from the Sunday left overs. My Nan used to crush what was left of the roast potatoes & mix them with the cold veg, to be fried in the pan until crispy & brown. She & Grandad would have it for supper once we had left. It used to be on the heat for our entire visit, very slowly catching colour on all sides.

Being able to use mashed or puréed potato has given this old classic the renaissance it deserves. After all, it’s not everyday we have roast potatoes left over. In fact we never have surplus roasties. That’s just wrong.

No longer is it confined to the Sunday supper slot. Now we can paired it with a slice of streaky bacon for a fry up, eat it solo as a veggie option or indeed with a poached egg for a midweek feast.

Wars will be fought & won, political leaders may change, even counties will be renamed but the basic premise of the humble bubble n’ squeak remains the same; shallow fried potato with veg.

20120117-050454 PM.jpg

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6 Responses to Poached Egg with Bubble n’ Squeak & Savoury Peas.

  1. Not too humble, I think.. and the name is so classic “Bubble and Squeak”.. had I known, my kids would have loved that for dinner when they were younger with a name like that!

  2. Mistral Zagni says:

    Yes one of my favourite dishes and with good reason!

  3. roger edwards says:

    this looks delish.i bet it tasted even better.

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