Banana with Vanilla Yoghurt & Crushed Maltesers.

Tuesday 31st January 2012

“What did you have for lunch today?” I asked my son, Zephyrus, kicking off the evenings table talk.

“Chicken curry!” He replied in a mock Indian accent.

“Ah rreally! Dat was today. How did dat go down wit da oder childrren.” I continued in character.

Zephy & I often talk in different accents. Some of our favourites are Australian (G’day mate!), American (Like, dude!) or German (Vas is das!) We don’t actually speak German (although this phrase is used at every opportunity) just our crude impersonation of what we think it sounds like.

I must say, the Indian accent wasn’t something we had been working on & I was a bit shocked at how well he could do it.


“What did you have for first plate?” I asked.

“We didn’t have one. It was just the chicken curry & dessert.”

Although the meals he’s served at school are nutritious & tasty, they can be a little conservative. Luckly, it’s Bollywood week so they are pushing the boat out & serving curry along with other Indian related activities.

“What did you have for dessert then?”

“Banana milkshake.” He told me.

“Banana Lassi?”


“Did everybody like that?”

“Gabriel didn’t want to try it at first but then he was obligated by the teacher,” He told me. “and after he tried it, he wanted more.”

“Well, everybody likes bananas, don’t they?” I teased him.

He smiled.

“What have we got for *postre?” He asked.

“Have a look in the fridge.” I called after him as he walked down the hall to take his plate to the kitchen.

He walked back into the room with his eyes bulging out of his head.

“Is it good?” I asked as he shovelled a spoonful into his mouth.

Mmmmm,” He mmmed. “Is there any more?”

“I told you, everybody likes bananas, don’t they?”

“Mmmmm” He replied.

*Along with the accents, we speak a fair amount of Spanglish too. Postre is dessert in Spanish.

20120131-113905 PM.jpg

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2 Responses to Banana with Vanilla Yoghurt & Crushed Maltesers.

  1. Stef says:

    Wow, that’s some postre! And serving children Indian food – adventurous, indeed! Sadly, the kids at the local school here consume pizza, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and PB&J on too regular a basis…

    But we are Americans. Like, duuuuuuude. 😉

  2. roger edwards says:

    this looks great. is there a low calorie version.??

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