Chicken Noodle Soup.

Thursday 2nd February 2012

My beautiful boy is unwell. Nothing serious but enough to take a day off school, crank up the heating & snuggle up on the sofa watching kids tv.

Zephy being ill does have its advantages. Obviously, watching any child in pain & discomfort can be distressing for a parent but on the flip side being temporarily needed & depended upon is a welcome change. I say ‘temporarily’ as waiting on a child hand & foot, wears very thin after a while. There are only so many glasses of water, pillows & blankets you can fetch before your waiting for recovery to roll around. But on the other hand, cuddles are handed out with much more regularity, which is a fair trade off.

Of course, when I was a boy, (to be read in the style of an old man imparting a small child with a pearl of wisdom) we didn’t have daytime tv for children. Instead we had school tv, black & white movies or programs more appropriate for adults. So instead of Oscar’s Oasis or Scorpion Island, I had to endure WATCH & Pebble Mill at One.

“Feed a cold, starve a fever.” They say. And what better way to treat a cold than a steaming hot bowl of chicken noodle soup generously laced with ginger & garlic.

20120202-102822 PM.jpg

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8 Responses to Chicken Noodle Soup.

  1. Sorry your little guy is sick. Never fun.

  2. Nancy Todd says:

    oh i love chicken soup. it cures all ills. and i am not jewish. thanks for the post. reminds me to go and make some on this very cold night in barcelona.

  3. Stef says:

    Poor guy… (you can decide which one of the two of you needs the comfort more). 😉 Sorry to hear Zephy is unwell. At least he’s in great hands.

    And when I was a kid, we had minimal children’s TV. Kid programming ran until 9 am; then it was soap operas. My mom’s favorite was Guiding Light… so that’s what I saw when I was ill.

  4. rutheh says:

    That soup looks the perfect remedy. Hope the healing is rapid.

  5. roger edwards says:

    soup looks smashin. have a bowl ready for me.give z a hug.

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